Let's get started

Liz is currently accepting new clients. 
Please call the office to schedule 302-428-9384 or schedule online here.

Liz accepts Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna insurance plans.


How? You will...

Reconnect with your body.

Throw away food rules that don't serve.

Expand your repertoire (rather than restrict).

Make small changes (that add up to big results).

Learn to trust yourself.

I will...

Listen to you.

Support you.

Create and hold a space for you to explore.

Encourage you to listen to your intuition.


We build strategies and plans that help you resolve your unwanted symptoms.


I love working with women, especially those who are suffering from stressful lives, experiencing belly troubles, tend to run anxious, have hormone imbalance and/or autoimmune conditions.

I treat every client like the unique individual you are.

I custom build protocols specifically for you. Each protocol includes food experimentation, supplement support, lifestyle suggestions and advanced lab/functional medicine testing. 

While nutrition counseling sessions with me are frequently covered by insurance, food, supplements, functional medicine testing and sessions to review functional medicine test results are not. Please plan to spend approximately six months working together.