Do you suffer from allergies, headaches, migraines, or belly troubles?


Then you are in the right spot. I'm glad you are here.

You don't have to suffer any longer. That's right. Those awful symptoms, the ones you think, "there's nothing I can do about them anyway," well, it's time to say goodbye to them. It's true.

This is the first half of my story:

I was always sick. As I kid I had an ear infection every birthday. I would catch colds that would turn into bronchitis and pneumonia. I tried allergy shots, Rx pills and nasal sprays, neti pots and everything in between. I cleaned the duct work in my house, invested in pillow and mattress plastic protectors, removed all rugs from my bedroom, and religiously changed my air filters. Nothing made a difference.


My first migraine was at age 22. Induced by stress. I was debilitated for 5 days. After this experience, I was so fearful of experiencing another one that I chose to take a take daily preventive Rx medication for years.

It was 1983. I was 7. My mom looked at me in my Brownie uniform and asked, "why is your belt so tight?" Rewind in time: there weren't any body-conscious 7-year old kids in 1983. I have since figured out what must have happened:  In the morning, after a full night's fast, my belly was a normal size. But something in my breakfast, lunch, or snacks had caused my belly to bloat significantly so that the belt became tight. I spent most of my teenage and college years being constipated. And then spent a lot of 30s with bowel urgency and looser stools. 

Can you relate to these symtpoms?

I want you to know, you don't have to suffer anymore!

Can you relate?

I want you to know: you don't have to suffer from allergies, headaches, migraines or belly trouble anymore!

This is the second half of my story:

I gave up gluten. Within three weeks, my allergy symptoms were 50 percent improved. While the belly was a little better, I was still having trouble with bloating. Fortunately, I stopped my migraine medicine more than a decade ago and have been blessed with a yoga and meditation practice that keep headaches at bay.

Then, I completed a food sensitivity blood test. WOW. Within TWO weeks, my allergies were nearly 100% improved. The belly bloat has disappeared. I have to tell everyone about my amazing results. 

Did you catch that?

Within 2 weeks, nearly all of my symptoms were eliminated!

Let me tell you more about what I did, and how I'll do the same for you!